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Protected Landscape of Albufeira do Azibo

Area : 3281.7 ha


The Protected Landscape of Azibo Albufeira located, almost entirely, in Macedo de Cavaleiros, covers the nut Valley parishes, Santa Combinha, Podence, Salselas, Meadows Valley and even the parish of Quintela Lampaças Bragança county.

A reservoir of Azibo consisting of three lines of water - the river Azibo (13 Km), and the streams of Azibeiro (7.3 Km) and Reguengo (7.8 Km) - part of the river basin and this flavor in turn, of the Douro River

Characterization -. natural values ​​

The Protected Landscape of the Albufeira Azibo partly included in Site " Morais " [PDF 190 KB] of Natura 2000 , is an interesting mix of flora Mediterranean and Atlantic. Thus, alongside the oak-cerquinho Quercus faginea and chestnut Castanea sativa , cohabiting with areas of marsh, the olive tree comes Olea europaea , the vineyard and the cork oak Quercus suber , a mosaic valued by more undergrowth and rare vegetation which highlights ten and a half species of wild orchids
The construction of the dam -. with the purpose of the agricultural irrigation (5,000 ha in the Knights Macedo Valley) and the domestic supply - that caused the reservoir of Azibo (410 ha) date from the late 70th, century. XX. However, this body of water made possible the presence of several species of birds that have made of this place, nesting area and refuge, including the great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus the symbols of this protected area.


easily accessible area, the Azibo is visiting object, namely students and schoolchildren of surrounding localities, mainly focussed on the observation of flora and avifauna. The two river beaches make the reservoir a summer popular destination. The hiking trails are marked and there are especially localized sites for better observation and enjoy the landscape
Source:. ICNF
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