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What to visit in Bragança?

In the next lines we will present you several places you should see when visiting Bragança.

The Montesinho Natural Park is located in the Northern Portugal and it is an area full of history and several pedestrian courses with amazing landscapes.

The Gimonde Bridge or also known as Old Bridge is a roman bridge made by stone that is still being used nowadays.

This bridge crosses the Onor River, being constructed in a roman specific way. This bridge is located close to our headquarters "A. Montesinho Turismo". being one of the first tourist attractions. 

The Domus Municipalis is a historic monument from the 14th century. The design of the building has its own characteristic, since it has the irregular Pentagon form. The perfect rounded arches makes its interior very bright.

Next to it, there's the Castle of Bragança. This Castle is very important and it is one of the most preserved Castles in Portugal. It's a must see during the visit to Bragança. It is surrounded by a set of walls built to protect the people from any invasor.

The Castro de Avelãs Church, the Abade Baçal Military Museum, the Iberian Museum of the Mask and Costums, the Living Science Centre, the Graça Morais Contemporary Art Centre are some of the references from Bragança that are worth to visit.

Are you looking for a place to stay in Bragança?

We have what you are looking for. We have accomodation 10 minutes away from Bragança but with the advantage of being precisely in the Montesinho Natural Park. 

We have 6 houses with the capacity up to 55 people.

Possibility for dining, breakfast, lunch and dinner and take part of our touristic activities.

The typical Restaurant D. Roberto has its own feature of unique menu by using regional sausages and smoked ham. The restaurant has proved its quality by happy customers and awards acquired in years since its beginning 1935 until today.

Our main goal is offering services of quality to our guest. Be free to enjoy the delight of sights and also be close to Braganca.

Peaceful place in Portugal

If you look for a peaceful place in Portugal we suggest the beautiful mountain side, placed in the North of Portugal, near the heart of “Park natural of Montesinho”. Here we are satisfied living a peaceful way of life. We conserve our values, and we are ready to welcome you to take advantage of our high class hospitality but also take part of the conserved life of the residents.
A peaceful place in Portugal

The surroundings fulfill eyes need for nature, and surprise it by welcoming villagers always ready to change a smile and a word. The silence of the place is only bothered by birds singing and sound of water as it goes downhill, for sure you are back in time, no noisy cities, no car gas, and no crowded spaces.
It could be described as one of the most peaceful place in Portugal, the main activities that people occupies, is agriculture and farming. The place is gcadmined in tradition, so the occupation of the parents was transmitted further more to the next generations as so the villages are very skilled in their profession.
We invite you for a peaceful and relaxing experience here in Gimonde, near the heart of “Park Natural Montesinho”.

The eye of a tourist

As one of our tourists told us “there is no other place like home”, our tourist wrote us a testimonial that we decide to publish it here.
“In my first day when I arrived I was very confused, usually I can tell how would be a hotel from the first 2 minutes, but not this case, the reception was different, the smell of air was different, something blurs my thinking and I was confused.
In a short time, I started to understand the smell, and why my brain reacted so alert to it, it was the same smell that I felt in my childhood, the smell of smoked meat of homemade soap and just made pottery.
I feel it all, after I made my check in I saw the room, an elegant, lighted room, with a big balcony equipped with an old wood table, for sure, I felt like home, back in my childhood, waiting for my grandmother to fill my plate with goodies.
After a resting sleep I traveled to the village, after a map that I received from reception (of course I got lost), but in my lost I have seen things that I thought that do not exist anymore.
Walking through the narrow cobblestone, between stone made house I met one of the most common things at villages but lost forever from cities, welcoming locals smiling and greeting you, letting their work for a pause just to see, change a word with you, a laugh, information without having any idea who I was.
I could say I refund myself here, I know that little things do matter, and kindness and good state of mind are more important that any financial fulfillment I could get from my work, in a large city.”

Things to visit in Montesinho

In the following sentences we present you the most important things to visit in Montesinho, Portugal. “Park Natural Montesinho” is situated in the North part of Portugal, an area filled with historical places, and a vast multitude of hiking paths surrounded by a beautiful sight for passing tourist.

Gimode Bridge, or as locals say The Old Bridge is an ancient Roman stone bridge still used in our day, it is useful for crossing the Onor River build in a specific Roman way, with six round arches. The bridge is located near “A.Montesinho Turismo”, being one of our clients first tourist attraction.
Domus Munipalis, or Old Town Hall Municipal Braganca is a historical monument from XIV century. The design of this building it has it one character, its shape of irregular pentagon, with perfect arches rounds so the interior space is arranged in a large brightly space.

The Castle of Braganca, a castle with much importance and the best preserved castles in Portugal is located not far away from “A.Montesihno Turismo” and it’s one of the things to visit in Montesinho that you cannot miss. The castle is surrounded by a set of walls made to protect it from any invaders.

Church of Castro de Avelãs ;Military Museum Museum of Ababe Baçal; Iberian Mask and Costume Museum; Living Science Center / House of Seda (House of Silk); Centre for Contemporary Art Grace Mitchell ;Museum of Rural Salselas; are part of the things to visit in Montesinho , along with more other touristic attractions placed nearly to our accommodation houses.

Tourist attraction in Bragança

Tourist attraction in Braganca or by its full name " Bragança and Miranda " is the locality place nearly to Spain, in the North Part of Portugal at the entry to the “Park natural de Montesinho”. Such an historical place like Bragança has its own tourist attraction by its construction, localization and way of life, furthermore we will present you the most important of them.
The Castle of Bragança, one of the main tourist attraction in Bragança, its importance for Portugal is huge being part of state patrimony, its construction looks like time haven’t pass for it, its surrounding walls have kept it strength, a delight for visitors.

Dom Fernando called “The duke of Braganca”, is the duke that made Braganca expend its surroundings and become a town. Its appreciation from locals made him a statue that can be still visited today, in commemoration to the one who has been the regent of the kingdom.
For furthermore information about touristic attraction in Braganca do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond as fast as possible with the most useful information.

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