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The landscape of Transmontana Region has a unique beauty. Biological diversity is very large, stand out: fields of corktree, almond trees, birds like the heron  and the Egyptian Eagle. Also the real-Eagle, Black Stork, the buck, deer, boar, fox and wolf are usual in these areas. Visite us!

Montesinho Natural Park (PNM)

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Located in the northern Transmontano Region, the PNM have an area of 75 thousand hectares.

It presents a heterogeneous relief, with plateaus, deep valleys and mountains. The most important is Montesinho Sierra on the north of Bragança with 1486 meters of altitude and Coroa Sierra, north of Bragança to 438 meters in the riverbed of Mente River.

There is a large biodiversity inhabited by species like the Iberian wolf or the deer.

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Douro International Natural Park (DINP)

logo_parque douro internacional

It is a natural park that covers the area where the Douro River forms the border between Portugal and Spain as well as the Águeda River, a tributary of Douro River. The Park includes the municipalities of Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro, Freixo de Espada à Cinta and Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo.

The region is included in the area of ??oak forest in the highlands and holm oak and cork oak, in the drier lands. There are junipers and lodoais, groves of alder, willow and ash trees along the water lines and large areas cistus.

The fauna and the birds present in DINP are distinguished by the number of species and their conservation status.

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Protected Landscape the Bayou Azibo


Located from 2 km far from Macedo de Cavaleiros town and 30 km from Bragança, Azibo’s Lagoon Protected occupies an area of 4.897 hectares and is located almost integrally in the circumscription of Macedo de Cavaleiros, including the civil parishes of Vale da Porca, Santa Combinha, Podence, Salselas, Vale de Prados and Quintela de Lampaças in the Bragança Council. Among other facilities, this place has river beach, rural museum and the home of Careto.

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Parque Natural Sierra Sanabria

logo_parque natural sanabria

Located in Spain in the province of Zamora, one of the jewels of this park is the Lake of Sanabria, allowing refreshing swim in clean and transparent water.

Inserted into the valley of the Rio Tera, Lake Sanabria, along its route, he meets a rich landscape in terms of flora and fauna unique.

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Serra Sanabria Natural Park

Located in Forest Nursery Prada, included in the Forestry Area of ​​Sierra Crown, 3km from the center of Bragança, in the Natural Park of Montesino, This site allows visitors to meet some animal species in the region.

Among several services, include, interpreting the landscape of the region, in its components fauna, flora, geography, culture, history, archeology, ethnography, environmental education ., and nature conservation

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