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Port Stuck

This circular route of about 8 km, intertwines with small streams that flow from the top of the mountain, going to swell the river of the Swallows, the Taste affluent. The landscape is deeply marked by granite outcrops of rounded shapes, emerging through plant cover dominated by bushes (heather Erica spp., Carqueja Pterospartum tridentatum ssp. Tridentatum, charguaço Helianthemum umbellatum), Pyrenean oak Quercus pyrenaica spots and marshes that occupy riparian zones

Access :.. national road 103-7 from Bragança
Point of departure and arrival : village of Montesinho
Extension (gctag6.): 7.763 km
Approximate time :.. 3h
difficulty : average
Minimum / maximum Cota (gctag6.): 1000 m / 1280 m
Support :. leaflet.
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