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Enjoy your stay to relax and live well be moments

At this time the SPA Quinta das Covas, offers the following equipment:.

  • A Sauna for up to 4 people;.
  • a Jacuzzi for up to 6 people

Make your reserve and add these moments of well-being to your stay at The . Montesinho

We leave you some indication of the use of such equipment:.

How to Use a Sauna

The usual temperature for steam room is 40 to 50 ° C and the ideal is between 40 and 45 ° C.

For dry sauna temperature is 60 to 80 ° C, and the ideal 60 ° C.

(A Sauna Quinta das Covas is a sauna ).

benefits provided by Habitual use of Sauna:

If as in any physical treatment, practicing following the rules and assiduously :

- Elimination of toxins from the body through sweat;

- Increased internal temperature, verifying the positive effects of the "HEALING FEVER";

- Purification skin;

- Stimulation of blood pressure,

- curative action on rheumatic diseases, arthritis, etc;

-Elimination of lactic acid and uric acid;

- Prevention of diseases and strengthen the body in general;

- stretching and physical and mental relaxation. Combat stress;

- Sedative appropriate for people with insomnia;

- Purification of the airways (suitable for frequent smokers)


- Sessions.: Ideally, two sessions per week as the effects of the sauna bath remain for about three days. Not suitable than three sessions per week,

- Power How many salts are eliminated from the body due to heavy sweat, is indicated ingest food with more salt, after each session;

- Beverages : In a sauna session is lost from 0.5 kg to 2.5kg weight, by removal of fats and body fluids. It is important to make a habit of drinking juices or soft drinks after the sauna


- Do not carry a sauna during digestion, gestation period or menstruation,

- It is contraindicated for people with severe heart failure and circulatory system problems;

- Not advisable for people suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure);

- It is not advisable for people suffering from arteriosclerosis;

- Do not use the sauna if you have any contagious disease

standards. Use of Sauna:

- It is important to have made the digestion and preferably come with empty bowels and bladder;

- Always use a towel between the skin and the wood cab,

- Remove the body all metal objects;

- In the cabin should enter barefoot. The use of slippers is compulsory in the locker room / spa,

- Do not put anything on peridotitas stones heater or throw more than two tablespoons of water over them, because being a dry heat sauna bath is notprepared to produce steam continuously;

- Always keep the basket with water and at ground level;

- Keep the cabin door always closed;

Correct Way to Take Bath Sauna:

- Start by taking a shower to open pores, removing any body creams or makeup;

- Then and before entering the sauna, dry skin to let the free pores and sweat better power;

- Inside the sauna, the higher its highest position will be temperature. If you lie, the tmperatura will be uniform throughout the body;

- Merge a towel between the body and the wood of banks to avoid burning and darkening of wood sauna,

- stay 10-15 minutes never forgetting that if you feel unwell or any sense of agony, should leave immediately,

- Breathe through your mouth not to dry out the nasal passages. If feel choked, lie two spoonfuls of water on the stones peridotitas heater, thereby achieving a special feeling on the skin, due to increased humidity, followed by a temperature increase.

- Leave the sauna and quickly between a cold shower, beginning with the feet cool and gradually rising throughout the body to reach the head

(gctag0.) - Exit the shower, dry your body and enter again in the sauna, if you want to merge a short rest,

- Leave the sauna and take new cold shower;

- Dry the body and take a relax session 15-20 minutes harboring a little to prevent colds, because the body still exudes;

- It is very important this rest to accustom the body to the initial situation,

- Finally, take a shower and get dressed


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